It has been said often enough – indeed I have said it often enough – that a fish stinks from the head. And the stench of stinking fish coming from the House of Commons and from 10 Downing is enough to gag a maggot.


Bad enough just watching it and having to hold my nose, but there’s a serious problem here – and it’s not just the utter disregard for decency, simple good manners, honesty, and dignity. It’s the fact that those who are supposed to the leaders of our country are seen as role models for lots of people.

And the followers are thinking, “Well, if it’s OK for the Prime Minister and senior members of the Government to behave like that, then it’s OK for me to do so as well. If it’s OK for so many members of the House of Commons to behave like rabid dogs then it’s obviously OK for me to do what I like and say what I like, too. I can lie my face off, as often as I like. I can disrespect anyone I like because I know I will get away with it. I can forget any thoughts of keeping my hair under control, trying to lose weight, trying to dress at least respectably, or have any thought about my appearance.”

“I can, in fact, become a fat, dishevelled, shambling, lying egomaniac, and I’ll be doing no more than following the example set by no less than the Prime Minister,” they’ll be thinking. “Indeed, I can stink the place out too, if I want to.


I watched as much of the proceedings in Parliament, yesterday, as I could stomach. And then nausea set in and I had to go and do something else. I was ashamed to think that I am tarred with the same British brush as those in the snake-pit at Westminster. I am a South African Brit, and I used to be happy enough to add the “Brit” part of that. Not so sure any more. That said, I’d rather be living in Britain than anywhere else, but it’s becoming marginal, and the Languedoc-Roussillon is looking increasingly attractive.

If I were to move there, I’d have three things going for me; much better weather, the advantages of living in Europe proper, and about a thousand kilometres between me and the stinking fish-head of the British Government.