Recently saw a very good series of short articles on what other countries (or at least reporters there) think of Britain. Highly critical, many references to our sick democracy, our laughable Prime Minister, our kindergarten parliament, and our suicidal approach to our relationship with the rest of Europe.

But – does this matter? Does anyone here, care what others think about us? For a start, I do, because the world is now not such a big place any more thanks to Tim Berners Lee and the Internet, international trade in all directions, and multinational problems needing multinational solutions. No-one can afford to think in isolationist terms any more. Believe me, I am not a fan of globalisation which is why I avoid that word whenever I can, but I despise the view expressed by some elderly duffer on Twitter today.- “We need to stand on our own two feet”, he warbled.

The problem is that we don’t seem to know where our feet are, what they are attached to, how they work or what they might be walking us towards. For a start, our newly arrived PM has feet of clay. and those feet are most usually found in his mouth.

I don’t need to spell out or even mention the looming disasters that will overtake our businesses if we fall backwards, shrieking, into a no-deal departure from the EU. Everyone with their feet on the ground, and not firmly planted in the air understands that there really is no up-side to leaving the EU, and every promise of a golden future made during the 2016 campaign by the lying leavers has been shot to pieces. It’s all downside, but that seems to something that the farage-lickers are happy to accept. Contortionists all, with feet of clay and heads in the sand.

What happened to a Britain that the world and his wife respected, even admired? Respect and admiration have been seriously eroded by Britain’s recent and ongoing political lunacy, and the world and his wife will increasingly be looking elsewhere for inspiration and good practice in so many things. That is depressing, infuriating and worst of all – so damned unnecessary. So, yes, I care what others think about us. I am not sure that this is shared in Downing Street.