As if anyone needed any more evidence of bozo’s trumpism, the kippers have it.

trump: I wasn’t there. It wasn’t me. I don’t know anyone. It was my uncle. It was my dentist. It was my hairdresser. I didn’t say anything. It’s all fake noos. I never heard, I never saw, I never said anything about sending them back. Oh, you have proof? Why didn’t you say so? Anyway, so what?

bozo: The EU are killing our kippers. No, they’re whaa whaa, I, I, I mean they’re trying to stop kippers from swimming. No, no, I, I, I, they’re forcing our fishermen to freeze themselves before they catch kippers.

Etcetera. And none of it matters. I am writing this about a week before Britain has a Con-geriatric-elected chump as its PM, because it is now inevitable, and the rest of the world, already partly numbed by the porcine antics of the US president, accepts that they might just have someone new to laugh at. The Prime Buffoon of “Great” Britain.

trump and bozo are immune from any form of criticism or correction. Satire is dead because no-one can satirise those who satirise themselves.

The worst part? China needs not much by way of help in becoming the world’s most powerful nation, because it’s doing OK all by itself, and while their President/Chairman is a terrifying dictator, no-one is laughing at him. So while China advances, the US heads for the sidelines, Britain slides into obscurity and the EU starts, slowly to eat itself from within.

I think I’ll just go to bed now. Pretend it isn’t happening. You too? When I wake up, I’ll start taking lessons in Mandarin. So should you.