According to huntson, the conjoined Con twins who want to be PM, we have to leave the EU asafp. What’s the rush?

Set aside the meaningless and irresponsible, political and only political warnings about The End Of The World As We Know It coming from the above two if we don’t leave, or don’t leave quickly. See my previous blog piece.

Resigning membership of the EU is far too important to be dealt with in a mere three years. I am not discounting the harm being done to some businesses as a result of not knowing whether there will be tariffs or not. Consequences of uncertainty are serious, but not half as serious as leaving the EU altogether or making a balls of it.

But I am really worried about the farmers all over the UK who are pre-suicidal about what their futures might be if their exports are made impossibly expensive when tariffs are imposed by EU countries. Far too many farmers have already committed suicide because their business have been made unsustainable. Not just farmers; other businesses too, not to mention the services such as the NHS which depend heavily on recruiting and keeping staff from the EU. The list of those who dread our leaving the EU is a long one.

And, frankly, I could not give a damn about the under-educated and ill-informed who say, in yet more Vox-pops, that “they just want it done”. If it “gets done” by 31st October because bozo or hunt says it has to happen, then there will be a massive hangover to be suffered when everyone who “wanted it done” realises how much will have been left un-done. Tariffs? Who will know? Irish Backstop? When/How? Movement of people and rights of residence? No-one will know. Payment to the EU for commitments? And so on.

There is something that those of the farage/bozo tendency would like us to forget. Even if we leave, technically, in the hurry they clamour for, it is going to take who knows how many years for the detailed un-coupling arrangements to be completed if we do actually leave. What, exactly, will they have won? If we were to come to our senses and revoke Article 50, all this senseless trauma will have been avoided. Parliament please note.

It has taken seven years for a trade agreement with Canada to be finalised. The EU has just signed a trade agreement with the Mercosur countries in South America. It took 20 YEARS to negotiate. 20 years! Who is going to guarantee that if we leave the EU, it will all be done in – well, how long exactly?

There is a sort of solution which, I suspect, even huntson will grab with all four hands, so that it can be claimed that “we have left” and that this will stave off the catastrophe of a Breaksit Party in Parliament. Or O Jeremy backing into No 10 by mistake. We leave politically, so that we are no longer actually members. And, with a speed which will make our eyes water, everyone will suddenly agree to a Norway-type arrangement. EU members in all but name. Much better than the May deal. Still needless, but better. Leaving the way open for application to rejoin, properly, after a decent interval

Of course, farage and his hysterical mob of Dead-Empire Loyalists will still scream the place down, claiming that we will not have left, not really. Then they will calm down, and a paltry few will march about triumphantly waving their blue passports and singing their version of England Uber Alles. Let them. A lot of sound and fury, signifying … nothing.