So now we know – we will have a PM who is a Breaksiteer whatever his conscience might be telling him. Actually, I mean whatever Hunt’s conscience might be telling him. De Pfaffer Bozo doesn’t have one.

Both Con H and Con J want to see us out of the EU asap, and either by Halloween or within a very short time after that. The only thing that would or might stop that happening is if the HOC refuses to accept it, refuses to accept a no-deal, finally recovers its brains and votes to have another referendum. Not, as I have been saying ad nauseam, a vote on a deal which no-one will understand. A straightforward In or Out, again. But this time with a proper campaign fought to stay in the EU, and proper, thorough exposure of the lies and exaggerations which the leavers will, again, peddle. Surely the British will not fall for the same con-trick, twice?

But here’s the essence of the problem: Bozo and Hunt are both, brows furrowed, warning that if we do not leave the EU, it will have two outcomes: First, that there will be mass, nationwide rioting, flag burning, and shop-smashing by those who will feel that all legitimacy in democracy will have dissolved (ignoring the inescapable fact that faith in British democratic politics is on its last legs anyway). Second, that the Con Party will be destroyed. Let me deal with these:

First, where have J and H their antecedents been living for the past 250 years? Have they no appreciation of the cultural norms that define being British? Do they not understand that while there may be a lot of noise and some marching, that will be it? Steam will have been let off, and that will be that. It’s the British way. Second, who the fuck cares about the possible demise of the Con Party, other than those who want to use the it as their greasy path to government offices? Let the Con party die, and take the Lab and other parties with them. Their day is done. The party is over.

So ignore and forget the dire warnings from Hunt and Bozo. What is really behind it all is the mortal fear that unless the Cons deliver Breaksit, the Breaksit Party will sweep the polls in a general election and either be the largest party in Parliament – or let O Jeremy and his Marxists into No 10. Deliver Breaksit, and that spikes the guns of the Breaksit Party and gives the voting public every reason to be ever so grateful to the Cons. The Breaksit Party has, after all, nothing else to offer. A one trick pony party. Not a very healthy pony either, ridden to exhaustion by the near-fascists tendencies, the Little Englanders, the narrowest of the narrow-minded.

But let’s, for the sake of examining this whole thing afresh, assume that the UK somehow fails to force itself out of the EU. Let’s have it, and let’s have some good rioting, however un-British that may be. Bring on the catharsis. It will make for a very uncomfortable few days, with far too much needless work for the police, fire and other emergency services, and everyone will, feeling so much better, go back to watching Love Island or similar.

And very soon after that, the British public will wake up from the long Breaksit nightmare, realise that they were sold a pig in a poke, and will, through the ballot boxes, vote for a Parliament which will, without delay, start negotiations with the EU to take us back.

By the end of 2020 at the latest, we might all be living in a world free of trump the chump, free of Bozo and his hangers-on, free of political internecine strife, where respect and decency are back in vogue and where friends can be friends again.