Unless Cons MP’s all have a rush of brains to the head, followed by a similar miracle at the grassroots mentally geriatric level, we are about to enter the Boriscene Era, where Britain’s already low standing in the world will plummet even further.

I watched the “debate” on BBC TV. Actually, I watched some of the programme, until I felt too nauseous to continue. And until I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that we will have a Prime Asshole as Prime Minister. Our only hope of true salvation is a General Election as soon as possible, in which both Con and Lab parties are destroyed, and in which the voting public finally understands that a so-called Brexit Party is not a party. It’s a wake. Then, a hung Parliament, with the pleasing prospect of a coalition led by whatever is left over.

I suppose that jokes have to be refreshed, and trumpshit is getting a bit old already. So, let’s move on to the next stand-up comedian with ridiculous hair and no moral compass at all. A B De Pfeffel Johnson is behaving like the boy in the playground who just wants to be “it” knowing that being “it” is going to be a very short tenure. But he will have been “it”, and that’s all that matters to him.

Among the many things that I have come slowly to understand, is that none of the so-called leaders of our political parties, immediate past or present, has/had any judgement at all. Cameron – call a referendum when it was never needed. May – appoint Johnson as Foreign Sec, clear that he could only ever be the worse possible choice for that job and proved it. Persist with an Exit “deal” three times when one defeat should have been message enough. Give Education to Gove to fuck up and then do the same with the environment because he knew and knows nothing about either of those areas. Give the NHS to Hunt, so that he could demonstrate just how incompetent he is. And mad. Leave all the rest of the cabinet and more minor jobs to people who are faceless, almost nameless and certainly talentless when it comes to the management of anything.

I think I may be able to make an exception for Rory Stewart whose tenure at International Development seems to have been positive and effective – but even here I am not entirely sure. I support Stewart because he seems like the best bet to stop Johnson.

The same for the Labs. Start with “electing” Marxist-Leninist O Jeremy Corbyn as the leader, and then watch as he screws up everything he touches and has touched for three years. Does anyone know anything about his Lab shadow cabinet or who they are? The LimpDems are in the process of committing a form of suicide by dumping Vince Cable and electing … well, whom? The only leader who seems to have any grip on things is Nicola Sturgeon of Scotland, and then only for Scotland.

No matter what anyone in the Con-for-PM race says, the EU will not renegotiate the divorce deal, and why should they? The UK, we seem too anxious to forget, is just one of 28 members of the Eu, and given that we are the only member currently wanting to resign, whatever we do, and whatever the EU does, it will be seen to be setting a precedent. So the EU is treading very carefully.

The only candidates in the Con lineup who don’t support a form of Brexit are non-starters or at best also-rans. In that pro-Brexit mix is the only man (all men now) who sounds even remotely sane – Rory Stewart, and he is an Exiteer too. I nurse a fond hope: He will win the race to Number 10, just as no-hoper John Major did when everyone was certain that Heseltine would win. When he gets there, he will have a change of heart and with the help of enough MP’s of all parties, revoke Article 50 and bring this whole shitty business to a stop.

Of course he would need to have the support (even by the barest of bare majorities) of the HOC to do that, but at some point there will have to be enough MP’s to realise, finally, that the 2016 referendum was (a) miserably inconclusive for such a vital matter and (b) that it was never more than advisory, and Cameron should have decided not to take that advice. If Art 50 is revoked, and we can all make a return to national sanity, then, A B De faffer J can disappear into the obscurity he has now so thoroughly earned and take the awful Farrago with bim.

And let’s find a way to put a final stop to the “will of the people” bullshit. And to threats that stopping Eurexit will “destroy public faith in democracy”. This is the last refuge of the desperate, who know that the voting public knows that British democracy works when it works properly, through our representative and supposedly sovereign Parliament.

But all of that that requires a rush of brains to the head. I do not hold out much hope, but I do hold out some.

P.S. It’s now down to De Faffer Johnson and Mad-eyed Hunt. And to as many of the 160,000 Tory “activists” as vote in choosing between them. Dozens of Tory Exiteers, including Bojo the Bozo and Hunt, are trying to force us into believing that if Brexit is not delivered (whatever the deal or no-deal) then British democracy will be dealt a catastrophic blow and all trust in politics will disappear. This is rubbish and they know it.


But even if those portents of disaster were true, then how much more true is it, as a cause for revolution that our next Prime Minister will be chosen by .027 percent of the population – or, to be generous, 0.4 percent of the voting population. Not even close to one percent! That really plumbs the depths of whatever is left of a democratic system.

And I have overlooked something about that arithmetic.

Let’s assume that 75% of the Con activists actually vote. That’s 120,000. Further assume that if Bozo wins, Hunt will garner at least some votes – let’s be generous to him and say that the vote is 70/30 in Bozo’s favour. That would mean he, now Bozo the PM, would have received 84,000 votes. So, of the total population, 0.135% give or take, and of the voting public, 0.2%. This is democracy? That’s just bullshitocracy.