Having done a bit more looking at Rory Stewart, I have concluded sadly that he’s no better than the best of a bad bunch.  He’s at least likeable – johnson, moggie et al are pure hateable.

My previous blog says it. Anyway, my supporting him, however weakly (and it is) will have exactly zero impact. It’s all coming clear now. All but two or three of the massed phalanx of Con wannabe leaders are doing no more than putting down markers for the leadership election after the current one.

johnson (endorsed by “president” chump) will so completely screw up as leader and PM that there will have to be another contest before too long, and certainly after the Cons have been thrashed out of sight in an imminent general election. Not even johnson’s ability to act like an irresistibly watchable front-bottom will rescue the Cons.

As for the LimpDems – there is not a single LD MP whose name I would recognise aside from Cable. In horseracing, they talk of “also-rans”. In the case of the LD’s, it’s “also started”.  Sadly, the success or otherwise of a political party is at least 90% down to the presence or absence of camera-love and headlineability.  

By the way – the expulsion of Cambell from the Labs says everything we need to know about political parties. A severe pox on all their houses.