I attended a presentation by the Lib Dems and some Greens in my constituency last evening. Informative, interesting, but an echo chamber for those who are Climateers and Ant- Exiters, which was a pity because some debate would have made it even more worthwhile. Disagreeing with anything much would have been to invite accusations of disloyalty to the cause and being a denier. Neither of which I am – but it made me realise with ever greater conviction that for the UK to leave the European Union is to put paid to any real progress on climate, because we, with all our old-Empire arrogance as characterised by the farage-johson tendency, cannot make any real dent in the problem if we are acting alone.

Speaking of arrogance, I am still just marginally concerned about the changes to the climate of the entire globe being placed 100% at the door of mankind. I can’t help thinking that against nature, we are, all seven-point-something billion of us, just oo puny to achieve this. I am just wondering, as I have done for a while, whether the emission of greenhouse gases is also happening at a mysteriously increased but cyclical rate, through volcanic action both on land and under the sea as part of a natural cycle. We seem to be adding to it, but as the sole cause?

On the other hand, I am certainly not a denier, because a world-wide campaign, provided it is successful, will do things to stop the rape of the planet’s forests and the destruction of wildlife habitat. That, I care about. I have said all this before. For that reason, I’ll even put up with the somewhat selfish and clownish antics of Extinction Rebellion. When they behave as if they were at some sort of giant street party complete with tumblers, jugglers, acrobats, dingbats and similar, I fear that they will not be taken as se iously as they would like to be. But, I suppose, even clowns can be taken seriously. Ridi, Pagliacci.

But back to what we can and can’t do on the world stage. We are exhorted, we British, to take a lead. So we should, but how much greater our influence is and should continue to be if we are part of a Europe-wide army, dedicated to getting things changed and getting things done. Leave the European Union, and we will be a small solo voice mewling in the distance on climate change. We will not have the audience we should have, and we will not deserve to.

So, roll on ever faster, the juggernaut for a Second Referendum, and let’s crush the idiot far right, garage-farage, reesmoggie, de phaffer and all. They have had three years of fucking us about. They have had their toxic say. Now let’s shut them up.

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