I am having difficulty believing this, but as the source is the daughter of someone we know very well, and who is (for now) a primary school teacher, I believe it. It is also covered by the following from the Mail Online, in 2014. By SARAH SMITH PUBLISHED: 22:59, 30 April 2014 | UPDATED: 17:38, 1 May 2014.This is not fake news.

The school in question at the school I know about has just introduced the staff to the proposed intake of children for the new year starting in September. Among the children, some, aged eight, were still wearing nappies.

I know that I am on safe ground here by saying how I despise, loathe and detest the idiot parents who allow this to happen. Actually, cause it to happen. None of them will be sufficiently educated to read. Or have the time to.

How is it even remotely possible for any parent, single or otherwise, to live like this? What happens to the children when they urinate or defecate into their nappies either at home or at school? Do they just sit there in their mess? Or do these brain-missing parents expect the school – meaning the teaching staff or others – to change the nappies?

Is there some sort of cultural thing going on here? Can it even be remotely possible that there are immigrant families for whom this kind of thing is culturally normal? No – it can’t. The facts seem to indicate that there is no class or social influence at fault here – it is happening across all races, all social classes including the white-well-off.

And it is happening because the parents, it seems, are saying that they do not have time to toilet-train their children. Time to change their nappies at home (or do they?) but not time to toilet train? Why do they expect anyone to believe this?

I have believed for some time now that no-one should be allowed to become a parent unless and until they have been through a mandatory course in parenting. And if, as is happening, teenage imbeciles with raging hormones get pregnant or get a girl pregnant, they should be forced to attend these courses from the moment the child is born. Harsh? Think that if you must – but think about the children first. Can you imagine what a six- or eight-year old nappy-wearing child must be feeling as they mix with children who left the nappy stage years before?

I am incandescent about this, and I have to hope that I never come within slapping range of anyone whose child/children are still in nappies after the age of three at most. There will be blood on the floor and it won’t be mine.

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