In case you are thinking that “trump” is a typo – it isn’t. He does not deserve to have his name capitalised. And as of today, a new campaign. I refuse to capitalise the names of those I despise. They do not deserve the courtesy either. So, to start with – putin, johnson, gove, francois, reesmogg, assange. Others to follow.

trump boasts that he has been exonerated by Mueller. Another trump-lie. Possibly his ten millionth. He’s worse than those who promoted the British B-word from a dung heap of lies and that takes some doing. trump is as guilty as hell of obstruction of justice, but because Robert Mueller rightly felt that he had to go by the book, he brought in a verdict that is very close to one which can happen in a criminal trial in Scotland; (guilty but) not proven. If the minimum legal threshold for a guilty verdict is not reached, then Scottish law says – not proven. That’s what Mueller has said. And he knows that as trump has all the moral fibre of a hungry shark, trump and his brainless acolytes will take that as meaning “innocent”.

The Yanks are living through a kind of purgatory as their president struts from one disaster to the next – and to borrow a lovely phrase I once saw – he is the only person I know who struts while sitting down. Mussolini did the same thing. But they have no-one to blame but themselves with their ridiculous system for the election of a president, a system involving an electoral college, brought into being over two hundred years ago and now no longer even remotely appropriate. The result in 2016 was that they ended up with an asshole for president, and we all know what emerges from assholes. We are no longer capable of being surprised.

Somehow, a combination of a new president and a Congress that develops brains will have to find a way to get rid of that electoral college and elect their president on the popular vote, so no-one can, ever after that, win the vote and lose the election.

There’s no doubt left, and this is manifest from the Mueller Report, that Russia’s grimy fingerprints are all over the electoral processes wherever they can poke their fingers. Perhaps trumpists did not collude, at least not provably, with Russians in the 2016 run-up, but there’s not the slightest doubt that Czar Vladimir Putin and his court are using the anti-social media and anything else they can think of, to interfere wherever they can. The USSR failed in its aim to spread genocidal-communism, but now the Russian Federation is picking up the baton to spread disruptive Russianism. We are being warned. Are we listening?

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