… which is my way of conflating fecking brexit

I think I have now seen and heard everything. Or everything I want to see or hear. The B-word has rendered the intelligent stupid, the worldly naïve, the honest crooked and the merely crooked criminal.  What really did it for me was watching Betty Boothroyd deliver the coup de grace to the very idea of leaving the EU. Passionate, articulate and best of all – hugely knowledgeable, having seen it all as Speaker of the Commons.

“No-one voted for this mess”. That’s what she said and that says it all.

I am kicking the blasted B-word out the door just as Mrs Mabie-Mabinotte has been given until the end of October to … do something or other. Some of the EU leaders wanted a long long delay, and if so, they were reading the situation exactly right; the longer the delay, the more likely that there will be a revocation of Article 50 following a second referendum with a serious numerical majority for staying in the EU. Just as Betty Boothroyd hopes along with millions of Brits.

But at some point, I want to find David Cameron and shake him warmly by the throat.

There are other things I want to write about, and I have nothing more to say about the B-word. That does not mean that I have given up thinking and writing about politics and in particular about the broken-beyond-repair un-democracy in the UK, with a change of leadership of the Conservatives likely any time (Johnsonism), and Labour embroiled in anti-semitism and Corbynism.

And beyond politics, there’s so much else to keep me busy.

Please don’t go away. You never know – you might learn something, and I know that I will from your comments

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