I can’t think why, but I have in previous pieces referred to Rees Mogg as William. William does not suit him at all. Too modern a name by far. Jacob reflects his antediluvian persona and attitude, and his Marley-like spectral, sepulchral presence. Top-hatted throwback to an Empah which is long gone, but which he wishes we could have back. Jacob Rees-Mogg, whose fund management company has set up an office within the European Union even as he vehemently scorns it.


I have mentioned this before, and I am not apologising for saying it again: there may have been 17.4 million votes for leaving the European Union but there were 16.1 million who voted NOT to leave. 16 million who were not influenced by the lies and outrageous exaggerations mis-sold by the Leave campaign, remembering that since then, that campaign was found to have been guilty of all kinds of financial irregularities as well. If Fatty Francois with all his venom is allowed to parrot the 17.4, in Parliament, when will someone start reminding everyone, regularly, about the 16.1?  


Now, a mystery: when all but that brainless cohort of hard Exiters appeared and appear to want to avoid a no-deal, why did the Cooper-Letwin bill/motion whatever only pass by one vote? The mainstream of the Conservative lot does not want a no-deal. Labour does not want a no-deal. Same for LibDems, Scotnats, Uncle Plaid Cymru and all. So, what happened?


I have been trying to understand what really drives the Exiters, because every possible angle of examination brings me to the same conclusion; illogical, damaging, incomprehensible. Except for one. Religious fervour, blind faith, against which there is no defence, no argument. Try to explain to religious zealots or even to those who practice their faith quietly and privately that there is no Father Christmas, no Tooth Fairy, and no God, and prepare for a headache, because you’ll have been hitting your head against a stone wall. So it is with Exiters, and believe me I have tried. Logic and reason are met either with outrage or blank stares, their faith unshaken. Bad enough when I am trying to see if I can change minds among those I know, or those who read my blogs and tweets, but infinitely worse when one realises that the minds of some of our Parliamentary representatives are closed. We can only defeat these zealots by making sure they are side-lined, corralled into their corner and then ignored.

What I find really interesting is that the Remainers I talk to are anything but religious in their approach. They calmly explain that they understand the lunacy of our country’s attempt to detach itself from the realities of an irreversibly interconnected world, where the nearest and firmest connections are to an area within a short ferry- ‘plane- or ‘train-ride. Their approach is not a matter of faith.


Recently, in trying to talk to Exiters, I have also had it shouted at me as if I had forgotten this silly argument, that Exiting will mean “taking back our country … taking back control.” Taking it back and handing it to those in the House of Commons who are daily reminding us just what tribal incompetents so many of them are?

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